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Sustainability; requirements and trends

Dear friend of Oslo Consulting Group,

Actively engaging in creating a sustainable future is on top of our agendas these days. Six months ago, the Norwegian Parliament passed the so called Transparency Act ("Åpenhetsloven"). This law comes into force in 2022 and obliges more than 10.000 companies in Norway to have full control of how human rights are respected - all through the value chain. This is in addition to the commitment to implement action plans for all the 17 SDGs, and a clear expectation to the business environment to play an active role.

Based on this requirement to act, there are two paths of action possible: What you have to do – in order to stay in business, and what you ought to do, or could choose to do – in order to stay ahead, strengthen your brand, and proving that sustainable development also makes good business sense. There are two main factors that very much determine the direction of the first path:

  1. The essential legal framework is defined in Brussels and
  2. The financial institutions are applying new measures in how they assess their corporate customers.

We will address and discuss these two topics at a joint event organised by IMCN, our international partner network:

Online Event:

Sustainability: Requirements and trends

  • What is happening on the legislative scene in EU with regards to defining binding legislation relevant to sustainable development?
  • What are the limits going to be for director’s liabilities?
  • How are the banks including sustainability risks and climate classification as part of the their credit decisions?
  • Why is the inclusion of climate risks and opportunities crucial for long term refinancing?

Our webinar will take place on

March, 9th from 17:00 to 18:00 CET


Anna Kuusniemi-Laine, Partner, Head of Sustainability at Castrén & Snellman Attorneys

Alexandra Themistocli, Head of Sustainability SEB AB Germany


Harald Korn, Director and Chairman of the Board at Oslo Consulting Group

Oslo Consulting Group has worked actively over the past few years to develop methodologies for how to integrate your sustainability efforts into strategy and your daily business. In this webinar we share some of our insights into what is driving the need to work differently with sustainability in the future; it is not enough to "tick the boxes" and have a nicely bound plan in place. Sustainable thinking needs to be part of your every-day DNA and implemented into processes and culture.

The webinar will be interactive, and the speakers are inviting into a dialogue. You may also ask questions using the chat function. 

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Kind regards I Med vennlig hilsen

Harald Korn
Director and Chairman of the Board

2 min read

Sustainability; requirements and trends

Dear friend of Oslo Consulting Group,

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